Will Abdullah family of Kashmir Cross Over To Pakistan ?

Narendra Modi has stated clearly that he will work for 120 Crores Indians irrespective of their caste and creeds.He will neither discriminate nor give preferential treatments to any particular community.Those politicians who have been thriving on political secularism are worried that they would be rendered irrelevant in such political scenario.

Abdullah family of Kashmir is one of them.They are threatening to migrate to Pakistan.No one is taking them seriously here because they can’t afford to leave the luxury and state resources which has been provided to them on platter.So their blackmailing tactics would not work.

Farookh Abdullah and his son can keep enjoying the power and associated perks by being stooge of Gandhi family but they must not cross the limit.They can expect to be pampered to a certain limit but beyond that they will face the anger of those whom they have driven away from the valley .

They are the most communal politicians yet they pretend to be secular.Abdullah should also understand that they are free to go to Pakistan and join the Taliban but Kashmir will be integral part of India forever.Thousands of soldiers have given their blood for that and millions will be wishing to emulate them.So shut up and keep your tongue in check.