Once Again Kejriwal Nautanki Free........

Raj Thackerey Of MNS was behaving as if he owned Maharashtra and he would assume the post of chief minister whenever he wished so.Now he has been relegated to nothing and is unlikely to be considered a potent political force in the state.

Arvind Kejriwal suffers from the same symptom.Last time people reposed faith in his party because of his crusade against corruption.But the way he behaved afterwards was simply disgusting.He swore by his children ,that he would not form government with the help from the Congress.But he formed the government with the help from the Congress.

Then he went to Bareli to become a certified secular politician.All his action was contrary to the assurance he had given to the electorate.His own party workers were such aghast with his behaviour that he was publicly slapped several times.

Kejriwal and a few of his techie friends believe that 'AAP Nautanki "would be enjoyed perennially.But people are fed up with him and he is destined to join Raj Thackery after the  election result .People are not as fool as these fellow understand.Kar Lo Nautanki Kuch Aur Din.

Ulte Chor Kotwal Ko Dante ?

Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of India had sent government officials to England to defreez the Bank Accounts of Italian Broker Quatochi.
It is a well known fact that the said broker was a very close friend of Gandhi family.The account had money which was credited for BOFORS deal.The moot question however is that why Indian government would bother to send its officials to England so that the account is defreezed in order to enable the Italian broker to withdraw the money ?
It is logical and safe to assume that a major part of that booty must be meant for someone who was such powerful that Manmohan Singh had no choice but to obey the order .The government came out with some bizarre justification and the issue died down because newer scams unearthed in the meanwhile.

A German Magazine had named the same powerful family having Swish Bank account.But as is the case in India LAWS are only meant for ordinary mortals.Big and powerful are never caught.Now when the government of Narendra Modi is showing the intent to catch the thieves,those who have been indulging in corruptions are crying hoarse.They are now accusing the present government of covering up.Ulte Chor Kotwal Ko Dante ?