Why Intellectuals Are Opposing Narendra Modi ?

It has been highlighted in mainstream media that some intellectuals have ganged up to device means in order to restrict Narendra Modi to become the Prime Minister Of India.

You would never have heard anything about many of these so called intellectualls.The history and credentials of Mahesh Bhatt like intellectual is known to all of us.So there won’t be any effect of their campaign.They have however been able to gain some media attention for themselves.

Most of these intellectuals are forced to show their loyalty towards the Gandhi family.They have been rewarded by the family in the past and they are expected to prove that they are” Namak Halal”.They can’t afford to be “Namak Haram” otherwise no one will trust them ever.

Gandhi family has used these intellectuals very effectively over the years .Even leftists are awarded important academic positions to keep them in check.JNU was established and leftists were allowed to take it over.This was deliberately done to keep these leftist intellectalls in good humor.In return ,these intellectuals are expected to deflect real issues confronting the country, somehow.They are expected to keep secular- communal debate relevant so that the failures of the governments are overshadowed.These arrangements have been successful so far…

This election however is different because people have refused to buy their arguments.Narendra Modi has gained tremendous popularity.These intellectuals fear that their shop will be shut if Modi comes to power.That explains their desperate action.