Why Mamata Banerjee Is Nervous ?

Mamata Banerjee has let loose her lieutenants to bark on  Narendra Modi raised some very uncomfortable questions concerning her politics.

It is known to everyone that she enjoys her political clout because Muslims are supporting her.If they were Indian Muslims than no one would have any grudge and any right to ask any question related to her support base.But it is Bangladeshi migrants and their influence on state politics that is generating such controversy.The issue of Bangladeshi migrants is the issue and because she seems to have become hostage of this kind of politics.

She has been forced to dance in their tune.Her anti-Industry outlook is the result of that kind of vote bank politics.She might win a few election by this kind of politics but the development of the state would suffer;law and order would collapse and Ordinary Bengali would be forced to seek alternative mechanism in order to restore the normalcy.

Bengali are among the most intelligent people of this country.They have started to realise that Mamata style of politics if allowed to go unchecked would ruin the state further.So they have decided to support Narendra Modi in this election.This development has made Mamata nervous and has let loose her spokesperson to be abusive and wild.