Why Muslim-Yadav,MY, Combination Works ?

Lalu Yadav in Bihar and Mulayam Singh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh were successfully able to forge the Muslim-Yadav,MY,Combination which brought them the power .The combined strength of these two communities and the scattering of opposition votes resulted in their victory.This kind of politics, however has proved disastrous for Bihar and Uttar pradesh.

Bihar suffered immensely because it was ruled by this combination for 15 years.Uttar Pradesh was a bit lucky because Mayawati didn’t allow this combine to rule uninterrupted.

The formulae of MY combine is very simple. Muslim leaders of any consequence are given free hand to milk the system for their advantage.If these leaders would do something for their own community then it would justify their Loot-Shoot to some extent.But,sadly these leaders confine their exploits to their near and dear ones only.That is the reason that average an Muslim gets nothing out of it.

Yadav community gets power and influence.An average Yadav worker takes over the administration from village to the state capital level .Demoralised Bureaucrats are disgusted and alllow these fellows to do whatever they wish.

All prominent Muslim leaders have amassed huge wealth for themselves in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.They control thousands of educational institutions and other profitable businesses.Government can’t dare to stop them because their very survival depends on their support.

Secularism is the only plank of MY combine governments.In reality this is the most absurd kind of communalism one can think of.As long as this work they are hell bent of exploiting this.People will eventually know the dirty design and dump these leaders in coming days.Otherwise these fellows will sell our country for the power lust.