Secular-Communal card will not will work this time

Congress says it gave us NREGA, RTI,FOOD SECURITY,RIGHT TO EDUCATION,LOKPAL etc. Now it promises to give us some more bills.It ,however fails to mention that why all these bills remained on Paper only.Implementation is the real challenge it is here that it filed miserably.It kept blaming state government for non implementations and wasted the 10 years completely that it managed to remain in office.

Nothing was implemented because it had thrust a Prime Minister on us who was only interested in securing his own job It picked up corrupt ministers who kept looting the country.When ministers are corrupt then bureaucrats starts blackmailing and doing things as per their fancy.The progress of the country was stalled due to these greedy politicians.Government tried its best to save them but some were put behind the bar due to the Supreme Court's interventions.

Congress failed to recognise its failings that's why people started getting disenchanted with it.The perception gradually emerged that it was interested in sloganeering only.It was not serious at changes at the grass root level.People felt Modi with his "doer" credential would be able to bring the desired change and started gravitating towards him.

Congress ,oblivious of people's yearnings thought that secular-communal card will yet again deflate the hype around Modi.But this time around people seem to have rejected that completely .