Khud Jinke Ghar Sheeshe Ke Ho Unhe Dusro Ke Ghar Patthar Nahi Fekne Chahiye Rahul Gandhiji !!!!!!!!

Congress Party has finally accepted the greatness of Atal Bihari Vajpayee.There will be a time when it will repeat this generosity to Narendra Modi as well.Congress knows very well that it used all its might to tarnish his image in order to scare Muslims and force them to vote in their favor.Congress also knows that as Rajiv Gandhi was not responsible for Sikh massacre so was Narendra Modi for 2002 Gujarat riots.Political compulsion forced it to take secular stance.But it would one day accept the reality about Modi the way it has done to Vajpayee now.

Congress has lost all credibility and if it does not change its politics then it would be weakened further.The desperation of its leader is such that they seem to have lost their mind completely.

Rahul Gandhi has asked very personal question from Modi.What if in retaliation BJP asks him about his reported Colombian Girlfriend ? The issue can escalate further and Rahul Gandhi will find no escape route.

How long average Congress supporters keep their faith in Gandhi family ?They are repeatedly failing them and if it continues as it is now they will become the liability on them.

As long as Gandhis are at the helm of affairs they won’t allow new leadership to emerge and prosper.Congress has many great talent but they are deliberately kept behind so that they don’t outshine the prince.But this situation cannot prevail endlessly.There will be a time when some one will revolt .Many still feel enough is enough but has kept mum because the party is in power.

Out of power,Congress will find it hard to keep the aspirations of bright young talent in check and there will be split in the party,Sycophants in one side and all the aspiring young leaders on the other side.This assumption seems improbable but who knows about the future..

Who could have predicted the emergence of Narendra Modi as a national leader a few years ago.This is the opportune time for Congress to stop divisive politics and start afresh.Rahul Gandhi to redeem his lost ground provided he stops gimmickry and indulge in real developmental politics.