Why Television News in India is so pathetic ?

Television News in India is pathetic . News anchors seem to be different species from outer world .Most of them are ignorant of even basic issues.They pick up some stories from the Newspapers and keep repeating them the whole day.Their whole effort is to garner advertising revenues from all means.They neither understand nor care to provide relevant content  that might be significant for us in various ways .They have however become expert in shouting and screaming and twisting fact in order to create sensation.

ABP News, famous for providing Saas-Bahu content, debates/discusses news in the evening.Some good looking girls have been assigned to anchor the show.They go for a break just after making the opening remark.They do not seem to be concerned about the debate and go for break abruptly ,leaving the speaker in the lurch.Many find it idiotic and very annoying.It seems that the whole purpose of this kind of debate  is to somehow squeeze maximum number of advertisements.

It is ironic and she funny when these fellow talk of idealism,morality ,probity and integrity .They must have iota of these virtues before they question others.They must stop fooling people.People are not that idiot that they will allow them to cheat perpetually.If they call themselves the News Outfit then they must provide that honestly.Only marketing will not help as it is bound to piss off people in the long run.