Priyanka Gandhi Knows “K for Kaua” and A B C D

It seems that Amethi and Raebareli are not “already won” seats for the Congress party .Priyanka Gandhi is leaving nothing for a chance and has been addressing several gatherings a day.Gandhi’s never come out openly and mingle with ordinary people unless the stakes are very high for them.

Priyanka Gandhi would know that what she will throw towards opposition would be returned back in equal measures.Still she has taken the risk and has made personal attack to Narendra Modi.

BJP has taken note of her activism and has asked her to throw some light about how rs.One Lakh is turned more than Three Hundred Crores without putting any effort.She has been asked to clarify the Robert Vadra Model of Economy as well.

Many are asking that why she did not speak while Delhi Police were brutally beating up hundreds of elderly women in the middle of the night.Most of them had come from far flung places to delhi because their Yoga Guru,Ramdev, had asked them to do so.Was it such a crime that they were subjected to such inhuman brutality while they were asleep.Was that the Gandhian ways of empowering women ?

It is better for the self appointed prince and princess of this country to realise that this is a democracy.Gone are the days of divide and rule.The sooner they realise this the better that will augher for them politically.