This election is different ...................

Narendra Modi has charmed his ways to the every section of society.Leaders like Nitish Kumar and Arvind Kejriwal tried to question his credentials in order to attract Muslim votes.They however have failed miserably and in the bargain have also lost their core support base.These leaders failed to understand that Modi has been the target of entire national and international media for more than a decade.Despite that onslaught,he has only grown stronger over these period because majority of Gujrati stood by him.Now it seems whole of India has accepted him as the next prime minister of India.

Who Are Opposing Modi ?

Secular leaders like Lalu Yadav,Mulayam Yadav,Mayawati,Mamta are opposing Modi because of their political compulsions.Their survival depend on political airthmatic .Without the Muslim support they would be wiped out from the political horizon.Because of the diversity of communal votes these secular leaders manage to win election if they are supported by Muslim community.

Muslim-Yadav combination has worked wonders for RJD AND SP so far.TMC has emerged out such powerful force because Muslims are supporting it.This kind of politics has badly affected the progress of these states where this combination works.

These parties are so occupied to keep the influential leaders of the secular community in good humor that they are hardly able to pay attention to developmental issues.Bihar,U.P and now W.B have not progressed largely due to the political climate prevailing in the state.

This election however is different.People have understood the design and have decided to support Modi in such way that he is able to overcome the arithmetical compulsion.