.Ek Paagal Ko Sabhi Paagal Lagte Hain.

Sharad Pawar is among those Politicians who want to remain in power at any cost. They have reached  there by virtue of their shrewed ,divisive,manipulative politics.Morality,integrity,honesty,probity has nothing to do with them.

They publicly swear something but change their stance if sufficient fodders are offered to them.THOOK KAR CHATNEWALE YE NETA CANCER SE KAM NAHI HAIN.

People of Maharashtra have enough of this so they are showing intent to dump them in this election.Having seen writing on the wall,Sharad Pawar tried his best to gain entry into the NDA.But Uddbava Thackerey has played spoilt sport and has rejected his overture outright.

The rejection has made Pawar off Balance and he has declared that Modi also belongs to his Biradari.He has said that he would provide medical assistance to Narendra Modi.Ek Paagal Ko Sabhi Paagal Lagte Hain.

Pawar has a certain image and that is not good for a civilized person.PAISE INHONE BAHUT KAMAYE LEKIN IJJAT NAHI.

Now at the fag end of his career he should be wiser and strive to gain some respectively.Abusing Narendra Modi might bring him on prime time news for a day but his image would be tarnished further.