Arvind Kejriwal to take support from Mukhtar Ansari !!!

So even a  thug who is currently lodged in jail is Kosher for Saint Topival, as long as he stands against Modi!

Wah! Kya secularism hai!
Arvind Kejriwal is ready to take support from Mukhtar Ansari in Banaras. This Ansari has more than two dozens case registered against him ranging from Murder, kidnapping, loot, rioting and so on.. This all is done just to stop one man, Narendra Modi.
Yes-Yes... You are right. AAP is here to clean our political system and this, our holier than thou and saint leader Kejriwal ji is doing by joining the hands with corrupts and criminals.
Now Arvind Kejriwal says he is ready to join hands with Mukhtar Ansari in Varanasi to defeat Modi and keep secular forces and great threat to Indian democracy out of Delhi. Who is Ansari - he is famous Don who is  currently serving a jail term have cases of murder, dacoity, corruption, communal tension the list is endless...
Mr kejriwal forgot on wat basis he asked the innocent people of the country to support him, blinded by the thirst of power, it won't be a surprise if kejriwal  is ready to join hands with Samajwadi party, Secular Terrorists, Naxalites And other anti nationals to gain power..