Yet another Arvind Kejriwal Nautanki.

Arvind Kejriwal has let down thousands of his admirers by doing exactly the same things that other mainstream politicians do. Kejriwal has also started "communal-secular" game to attract secular voes.This trick will perhaps yield some dividend in the short term but he will become just one among many.He has now joined the league of Lalu,Mulayam,Mayawati and others who champion the cause of secularism above everything else.As the flag bearer of secularism they justify their pathetic record of governance.People are disappointed because they expected Kejriwal to fight against corruption but he has chosen to indulge in Nautanki instead.
Kejriwal is not that dumb that he didn't understand the verdict given to him.Those who would vote for Narendra Modi ,voted for  him because none among the  local BJP leaders was inspiring enough.Voters however were clear about Modi.Despite knowing this fact Kejriwal got carried away and has now embarked upon nothing short of political suicide.
Kejriwal is also being used by the Congress the way it manipulate MNS,Lalu ,Mulayam,Mayawati and others.He will get some crowd sponsored by Congress to make him believe that he has arrived.If he is successful to make even a small dent to Mody's campaign then the purpose of investing in him get justified.But in the bargain kejriwal will loose all support sans his secular friends.
And the Nautanki will come to an end.......