Arvind Kejriwal:AAP To Aise Na The?

Arvind Kejriwal the founder of Aam Aadmi Party,AAP, was a man of immense integrity and foresight until he became the "Secular" politician.Having a secular outlook is praiseworthy but subscribing to "secularism" practised by Lalu,Mulayam ,Nitish and various other politician is just plain cheating to hundreds of thousands of citizens of this country who believed that he would fight tooth and nail to eradicate corruption from the system.It seems after tasting the power for a few days Arvind Kejriwal has decided to indulge in sheer "Secular-Communal" vote bank politics to gain power at any cost.

If Arvind Kejriwal is still honest then he should identify the real reasons behind the prevailing corrupt system !Instead he has allowed himself to become a tool of Congress which would shrewdly exploit his popularity to the hilt.

The popularity of AAP is also waining gradually.Many supporters who participated and supported Arvind Kejriwal even before he become a national phenomena are disappointed and disenchanted now.

This has all resulted because he seems to be in tearing hurry to occupy the power at the centre.To achieve that he has allowed all and sundry with dubious credentials to occupy the centre stage.There seems to be no method in the madness.

Those who were earlier sceptical of BJP's accusations toward AAP are seeing merits into that.Nautanki is alright for comic relief but if it becomes usual practice then it is absolute nuisance.

Kejriwalji there is still time to introspect.Your politics was different so it gained such phenomenon popularity.Now when you too have joined the bandwagon of Lalu,Mulayam and other secularism stalwarts then you are no more different from them.So why anyone waste his vote for you?