Why People Treat Kejriwal Like A Joker Now ?

Kejriwal had enacted a big drama over the siphoning of funds meant for handicapped by a NGO run by the wife of Salman Khursid.He had gone to the constituency of Khursid also.But he has forgotten that issue completely.No one from AAP utters a word about that now.Why ?Have they secretly reached some kind of understanding and compromised ? Considering the characteristics of these fellows that is very much a possibility.

Similarly,Kejriwal has forgotten about  the Robert Vadra-DLF land deal .Strangely the officer responsible for harassing Ashok Khemka has been given the AAP Ticket.Why ?

It seems , Kejriwal rakes up  issues  to extort only ? Once his demands are met he forgets about that.
But the bad news for Kejriwal is that People have now understood his game and they laugh at him when he talks about corruption and probity.He is treated like a joker now.