Anna Hazare once described as the second Gandhi attracted huge attention whatever he did.People would throng to him whenever ha asked them to do so.Today,sadly no one takes note of him.Similar fate awaits Arvind Kejriwal .Other AAP leaders are insignificant and do not deserve to be mentioned by their names.

Kejriwal has forgotten that it was not his beautiful face that attracted so many people towards him.He seemed to be an honest person .The cause he espoused attracted hoards of people.Now when he has deviated from the cause and is indulging in theatrics only.Common people are dismayed and have dumped him. His technocrat brethren are still with him but they can at best make him rich monetarily;they can't ensure his victory.
As per any estimate AAP,at the best  will be a "Vote Katua" party only.They will get here and there 500-1000 votes primarily from the family members of their volunteers.General public has lost trust so they won't waste their votes.Thankfully AAP VOTES will be such insignificant that it won't make any impact either way.This misadventure however,will affect AAP' Performance in Delhi Assembly election .They won't be able to repeat their performance .