Kejriwal Ki Dhamki

Arvind Kejriwal has threatened the media that he will lock them if he is able to cheat the people of this country once again.It seems that he has gone desperate and has lost his mind completely.Otherwise how a person can dare to utter such words?
It was the anti -corruption wave that resulted into 28 seats in Delhi election.Kejriwal perhaps got disillusioned and interpreted that his personal charisma.The guru of Kejriwal,Anna  ,was not able to attract anyone which forced him to retreat from addressing the Ramleela Maidan Rally along with Mamta Bannerjee.The same fate awaits Kejriwal too.For now each one flocking him aspire to become something.All will desert him when they realise the futility of their exercise.
It is high time that he stops the Nautanki and enjoy the funds received by dubious means.Abusing Modi will not help either .People know the motive behind that.How can they trust a person who swear by his children in public and do the exact opposite.