Why NDTV has become just an English version of "Doordarshan" ?

NDTV was once the best News Channel of Asia.Everything about it was a class apart.But, today it has become just an English version of "Doordarshan".Only Congress-Bhakts are its avid watchers now.Though Pranoya Roy would dispute this and vouch for its neutrality.The channel is certainly favorites for Congress leaders.They are very comfortable and pleasant here because they are spared from tough questioning.The slant has eroded its credibility and viewership.

Dr.Pranoya Roy is still the most admired Television Personality of India.But those responsible for managing editorial affairs are responsible for the decline of this great institution.

As far as technical aspects and presentations are concerned it is still miles ahead from its competitors.But there is hardly any hard-hitting-content.Everything is so sanitised.The channel lacks dynamism.

Barkha Dutt is perhaps the reason for this situation.She is a brilliant journalist but fixated to a few issues-Mian Nawaj Sharif,Abdullah,Gay Rights and some other  human resource stories.It is hard to believe that the girl who reported from a Bunker during the Kargil War has fallen prey to lazy journalism.
NDTV still can regain its rightful place if it stops being the drawing room of certain leaders.People expects top journalists to show Netas their true self -like Arnab Goswami does.

Looking forward to the election analysis by Pranoy Roy.If Shekar Gupta also joins them than that will be so enjoyable and credible.