Aam Aadmi Nautanki From Mumbai Today.Enjoy !

With the arrival of the main lead actor Arvind Kejriwal,Aam Aadmi Nautanki started with the usual fanfare in Mumbai this morning.It is reported in the mainstream media that funds received by AAP is directly proportional to the effectiveness of its theatrics.So to exploit the trend ,Kejriwal got straightway into the action in Mumbai and as expected created scenes at various places which are being reported uninterrupted on television .Aam Aadmi Strategist must be very glad over the success of their theatrics.

Arvind Kejriwal has harmed the cause of Comedy Serial producers more than anyone else.As per the latest TRP report all these shows have lost substantial chunk of viewership.When people see AAP Comedy on all week days,24*7 then there is little appetite left for weekly comedy shows.

There are,however,thousands of people who are deeply disappointed and ashamed that they trusted,funded,campaigned for these fellows.Now even the genuine movement spearheaded by genuine people will be seen through scepticism.Kejriwal has let down the nation and he should be ashamed for that.