Why Editors of several prominent Newspapers spend most of their time in various TV Studios?

It is strange that several prominent editors of big newspapers spend most of their time in various TV Studios defending Congress or the BJP.How are they allowed to skip the duty they are being paid for ? There is no free lunch so there must be some kind of understanding between the organisation they serve and the political party they try to defend on TV.

Those who appear on TV daily, work of BIG media organisations and draw huge salary.As the head of the department they are always very occupied.But these editors seem casual about their prime duty that is very baffling.

All these GYANI people would take offence over their professional conduct.They have the habit of lecturing the nation over every issues so they must clarify what are they doing there answering silly and superficial question.

These very people are responsible for the loss of media credibility.Now people listen to them with amusement.Some old fox don't even hide their political leanings .

Now youngsters rely more on the Web for comprehensive information because everything seems to be sold out in the real world.