Sehjade is Sehjade so nothing less than the post of Prime Minister of India is acceptable to him.

There is only one person in India who would accept only one job that is -the Prime Minister Of India. Becoming a cabinet minister or thinking about accepting the post of chief minister of a state is below his dignity and exalted status.Even the post of Prime Minister was of no importance for him because the PM ManMohan Singh is always at his service  .ManMohan Singh follows all his orders without questioning the validity and rational behind them.He simply can't dare to say no to him because he was selected for the post for his loyalty.So he must not breach the trust .He can however enjoys the perks .ManMohan Singh had departed from Academics only to build a good career for himself that he has done successfully.

Even the Indira Gandhi was first a junior minister but Sehjade is Sehjade so nothing less than the post of Prime Minister of India is acceptable to him. Congress party is in his pocket and no Congress leader can dare to raise his voice that is contrary to the wishes of the Sehjade.Those very leaders who are roaring  otherwise are just mere Darbari  to Sehjade who are constantly Jostling to gain his attention.

Sehjade enjoys enormous clout because most of us vote for them without ever questioning their credentials.We treat them as divine people.We consider ourselves subjects and them to be our rulers.The new generation,however is not that subservient and that's why they are firmly behind an ordinary person like Narendra Modi.

It seems that Muslim tool will not work this time because it is has been used selectively and has lost its relevance .Some political leaders have exploited this to the hilt for their petty political gains.The aversion of this kind of politics has helped Modi emerge as the front runner for the Prime Minister of India.
If this kind of divisive politics is rejected than Congress and other secular parties will have to change their politics.They will have to adopt real people centric politics to remain relevant.