Kejriwal Is Back In News :Enjoy AAP's Kashi Nautanki

Kejriwal had said that he would declare his candidature from Varanasi after consulting the electorate.He however true to his character declared his intent even before meeting and consulting the local people.It seems he wants to be in the limelight by spreading falsehood and challenging towering personalities like Narendra Modi.

Kejriwal will remain in news through these kinds of theatrics but his credibility would be lost forever.No one will trust any activists now for a considerable amount of time.

People are more angry with Arvind Kejriwal because they trusted him for his integrity and focused approach towards corruption.But when they discovered that these fellows are as opportunist as other politicians then they felt cheated and betrayed.

Kejriwal overestimated his charisma after Delhi election.He forgot that it was the issues that were attracting people not his pretty face.Till the time he stuck with "the CAUSE" people were behind him.The moment he tried to be over smart people decided to show him his AUKAT.

People of this country are convinced that Narendra Modi can take India forward.Nitish Kumar tried to differ this perception and as per all indication has become defunct by all account.

Kejriwal is non entity in comparison of Nitish Kumar so his BAKWAS against Narendre Modi didn't stick and angered people instead.

People expected him to complement Modi as the Chief Minister of Delhi but he betrayed all of them for his wild dreams.His story is going to be over after this election.