Enjoy Arvind Kejriwal Nautanki at Varanasi

Arvind Kejriwal will now indulge in Nautanki at Varanasi to come into the limelight somehow.But the people and media have got used to his theatrics and don't take him seriously.He will remembered as someone who betrayed the youth of this country.

This man pretended as the flag bearer of anti corruption movement and forgot the issue in order to be politically relevant.He got inspired by Lalu Yadav,Mulayam Yadav and joined their secularism bandwagon to garner Muslim votes.This kind of vote bank politics exposes his true self.He has emerged out someone who devise ways to first gain the trust of the people and then cheat them.

He does not have any shame left.He would be a Congress Puppy in order to be the CM and abuse the same party once his purposes are served.
Anna Hazare the Guru of Arvind Kejriwal does not even like his name to be uttered before him.Many says "Aisa Koi Bacha Nahi Jise Kejriwal Ne Thaga Nahi.

Muslims are angry with Mulayam Yadav and might use Kejriwal to vent their frustration.Kejriwal is exploiting their situation to the hilt.But by doing so he has alienated all his supporters.Now only AAP Volunteers have good thing to say about Kejriwal and his brand of politics.For an average citizen he is good at theatrics only.Kejriwal will be remembered someone who sabotaged the anti corruption movement in India.