Credibility Of Arvind Kejriwal Is At Stake Now.

People of India are not that dumb that they would do whatever Arvind Kejriwal and his team would ask them to do. They came into their support because they are the victim and want to get rid off the corruption, at any cost.
All of us are affected by the prevailing corrupt and rotten system of governance and wish for the immediate rectification.However, people would not support someone who in the garb of fighting corruption act as a  tool of Congress which has allowed this country to be ruled by thousands of various kinds of Mafia in almost every sphere one can think of .
The very credibility of Arvind Kejriwal is at stake now.He has forgotten the core issue of corruption in order to become the champion secularist like Lalu,Mulayam,Nitish and others.He has taken the support of millions for granted by indulging into crass vote bank politics.The deviation from the core issue has dented his image and even his ardent supporters have started deserting him .
Confronting Narendra Modi and throwing baseless allegations will also prove counterproductive.Everyone swear by the efficiency and honesty of Narendra Modi.So any accusation will not stick and it will only erode the credibility of AAP.
Kejriwal should take a breather and concentrate upon Delhi and Haryana for now.Once he consolidates his base at these two places then he can aspire to go national.
Otherwise he should be prepared to become absolutely irrelevant even in these two states.Also only sensible person should be allowed to hog limelight.Those being accused of being associated with Porn sites will only  harm the larger cause of Arvind Kejriwal and AAP.