Where is Arvind Kejriwal and his Nautanki Party ?

Arvind Kejriwal and his Nautanki Party have disappeared somewhere.It is said that Kejriwal has gone to defeat Narendra Modi in Varanashi and Kumar Vishwas is teaching Rahul Gandhi- how to win an election at Amethi.The result of these two seats are foregone conclusion but one misses “Outlandish AAP Spices”.

They have completely disappeared from the Television.There is absolutely no coverage of them.It seems that the Media has finaly realised that their Delhi show was an aberration and they are not yet any considerable force which deserve constant media attention and coverage.

AAP’s attitude towards media also infuriated many editors.Some AAP leaders had developed such delusion about themselves that they had started dictating Anchors.They had stopped participating in debate on Times-Now,India TV,ZEE TV,India News etc.Now ,out of sight;out of mind ,they must be strategizing to regain the media attention.

These people forgot that they need to respect the public opinion.Nitish Kumar in Bihar tried to impose his personal wish to the people of Bihar and lost his standing in the bargain.People of Bihar still consider him as the best chief minister Bihar has had since the independence.They wanted him to work alongside Narendra Modi in order to bring the real change.When Nitish tried to play politics for his own personal ambition people showed him his true worth.

Arvind Kejriwal is a Pigmy in comparison to Nitish Kumar.He has met the same fate.He should have concentrated upon Delhi first and would have strived to make it a Model state .But he got swayed by the praise and committed political suicide.Now people laugh at him and his party.What a shame……..