How Modi Bacame So Popular ?

Narendra Modi is not an ordinary politician.Wrongly or rightly he has been at the receiving ends from all kind of national and international secular forces .He is the only politician since independence who has been singled out and targeted such blatently blatently.It is for first time however, that the entire might of a large section of national and international media have failed to make any dent into the image and popularity of him.Not only the media but Congress Party and thousands of foreign funded NGO’s have also failed miserably to tarnish his image.

The UPA Government supervised by Gandhi family spared no effort to brought him to his knees.All kinds of seen,unseen forces were unleashed upon him .Govt.Of India rewarded those who dared to challenge him. Many ambitious,disgruntled and men wit suspect integrity tried to benefit from it .But all these combined forces could do nothing because Modi had endeared the common people of Gujarat.They stood like a rock behind him and thwarted every attempt to dislodge him from the power.

Media realised the futility of its purposes and has curtailed its one sided criticism a bit in order to save its plummeting credentials going down any further. Many prominent editors who were placed as the Congress agent had no option but to relent and accept the inevitable.

Modi has erected the mammoth alternative media that has become trendsetter of sorts.These digital media have proved very effective for him.Mainstream media have been brought to its knees and are forced to act objectively in order to remain relevant in the changed scenario.Those editors who acted as agents must be ashamed of themselves now.

Narendra Modi withstood all these onslaught because he was targeted unfairly.Could any other chief minister would have done better to curb the mob fury ofter 58 people were burnt alive.Only highly professional Police could have handled these kind of situation.But we forget that we have the most incompetent Police which are there to serve their political masters only.If the media and political class had addressed the real issue then we would have undertaken police reform by now.But unfortunately politicians are hell bent on dividing society on communal lines and they have been successful too.Ironically,Modi has been the greatest beneficiary of this.The country seem to have been split vertically on communal lines and Modi is the choice of 80%communal Hindu………….