Objectives of New Energy Policy

The National Energy Policy (NEP) aims to chart the way forward to meet the Government’s bold announcements in the energy domain. The four key objectives of the new energy policy are access at affordable prices, improved energy security and independence, greater sustainability and economic growth. The policy is being discussed by NITI Aayog with different stake holders.

The new policy differs from the previous policy while including the issue related to sharp decline of crude oil prices, change in solar energy technology, heightened concern of climate change issues, ambitious target of Renewable energy and rural electrification agenda adopted by the Government.

All the Census villages are planned to be electrified by 2019, and universal electrification is to be achieved, with 24x7 electricity by 2022. Our INDCs target at reduction of emissions intensity by 33%-35% by 2030, achieving a 175 GW renewable energy capacity by 2022, and share of non-fossil fuel based installed capacity in the electricity mix is aimed at above 40% by 2030.