Why people are disappointed with AAP and Kejriwal?

No other politician has betrayed the common man of this country so much as has been done by the AAP and Arvind Kejriwal.If he were a typical politician then his action would have not shocked so many people.He was expected to raise above petty politics and try to eradicate corruption from the system.Inspired by the Lalu-Mulayam brand of politics  he too joined the bandwagon of "secular-communal politics" only to garner the bulk votes of a section of society to further his own interest.
This kind of sheer opportunistic behaviour was not expected of him and as a result even his most ardent followers started to part away from him and his party.Now he is left with a very low support base that will barely fetch a few seats for him.That  too because Congress is in pathetic condition and those opposed to the BJP are forced to vote for him .If MIM attracts minority votes the way it has done in Maharastra then Kejriwal will be confined in a single digit.