Arun Jaitely has been disappointing so far ......

Narendra Modi has galvanised the nation .He has ignited  hope and aspirations that finally India will be able to get rid of MAFIAS" who have been able to appropriate all the benefits meant for poor and downtrodden for themselves by dubious means .

People of India expect Narendra Modi to usher in a different kind of politics.Politics of development is the need of the hour and they yearn for that.

But the man trusted most by Narendra Modi,Arun Jaitely is falling short of that expectation .The way Arun Jaitely has handled the BLCK MONEY issue  is shocking for millions of BJP supporters.

First on retrospective tax issue ,Jaitely disappointed many.Now on Black Money issue he had to take U-Turn after the Supreme Court forced him to do so.This has certainly eroded the credibility of this government.

Mr. Jaitely must be advised and told to not indulge in  "Politics Congress Style"  any further .Narendra Modi should take note of this and ask Arun Jaitely to concentrate on the job assigned to him .
Arun Jaitely is known for maintaining fine balance and having good equations with other party leaders.All those who held high hopes from Arun Jaitely would be feeling disappointed and let down.