Priyanka Gandhi is as intelligent as her brother Rahul Gandhi !!!

Many people who saw a glimpse of Indira Gandhi in Priyanka Gandhi would be disappointed to note that she is not upto the mark.Although her face might has some resemblance of Indira Gandhi,intellectually she is nowhere near to her illustrious grandmother.On the contrary she comes across pretty much hollow like her brother.

Her husband amassed huge wealth without doing anything.Similar deeds had caused the downfall of Yedurappa government in Karnataka.So like any other ordinary Indian he must be subjected to the scrutiny.But in his case a brilliant IAS officer who dared to question the deals is being relentlessly hounded.Priyanka Gandhi should understand that the law of the land is for everybody to follow.Her husband can not escape that.

Priyanka Gandhi had built a home in Shimla.As per reports Crores were already spent for that.But the Cottage was razed down because the asthetics was not as per the likings of Priyanka Gandhi.These things can be undertaken only by those who have abundant of money.Will Priyanka Gandhi elaborate where these money came from ?

We all know where Robert Vadra came from .He is not well educated either.Still he manages to earn obscene money without any effort must be questioned.Those days are over when some people were above from public scrutiny.Now they must be probed and prosecuted if found guilty.