Will Kejriwal Get The Second Chance ?

It is almost certain now that Arvind Kejriwal will contest against Narendra Modi in Varanasi.The interesting point however is whether he would be able to secure enough votes to save his deposit ?That seems unlikely at the moment considering his lost credibility among the average voters of this country.

Arvind wriggled out himself from Delhi citing the noncooperation from BJP-Congress for passing the JanLokpal Bill.People however know the real reason behind the theatrics and are appalled at the degenerative AAP Politics.
One mistake cost Baba Ramdev all the respect and credibility he had earned over the years.Had he not tried to flee Ramleela Maidan wearing woman's cloth he would not have become the butt of all kind of Jokes.Baba Ramdev will dismiss this notion and still consider himself the kingmaker but reality is contrary to his belief.
Arvind Kejriwal is still living in his make believe world.He is no more that common man.Now arrogance oozes from every part of his body.These changes have not gone unnoticed and people are aghast over his sudden transformations.
Arvind Kejriwal perhaps knows that other than his volunteers no one would waste his vote by voting forAAP.So, like Mulayam and Mayawati he too has started wooing minority voters.He has turned ultra secularist overnight.Is there external factor behind that?
People have not forgotten his theatrics over the siphoning of funds meant for handicapped by the NGO managed by the wife of Salman Khursid.He had vowed to fight Khurshid over this issue.He seems to have forgotten about that.
People now know that this gentleman is as much credible as Baba Ramdev and are unlikely to give him the second chance.